Windows 7 Base Tablet PC from Fujitsu

On the Consumers Electronic shows 2011, Fujitsu announced their tablet pc’s latest generation. It is not so difficult to imagine since this company has long been a player in highly mobile product, especially for corporate and vertical market.

For Fujitsu’s, due in the United States in the first half of 2011, the company will launching a 10-inch windows design. The tablet pc is running at 1280 by 800 resolutions. For navigation and execution their use N-trig’s multi touch screen technology as same as the technology uses by HP’s slate. N-trig multi touch screen technology announced support for Android devices as well. This technology makes this gadget serves the company’s vertical markets target.

Fujitsu’s tablet pc was estimated come in at about 1.7 pounds weight. Fujitsu’s product manager Paul Moore notes is about the same across his competitive set just because of the all component requirements necessary to create a windows tablet pc no less especially no more. The price is under consideration and has yet-to-be determined but as “competitive” as it should be with other Windows slate.

This gadget will have Windows 7 Professional working on an Intel Atom Oaktrail-based processor with self-encrypted solid stage drive, biometric security (a small swipe is underside of the unit) an option for wireless broadband, standard connectivity like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and front and rear facing camera with microphone.

As for Android slate, they have been leery of the Android OS, but they also have and Android tablet pc on their roadmap, and it would have Honeycomb. But the region for distribution for this slates have not been decided yet. This Android’s tablet pc will shit in japan, but it is not sure if it will available on U.S market also.

At the show, Fujitsu also shows their newest phone that will available in Japan soon. The phone is waterproof. Drop it in water, you still can use it after that. Fujitsu plans to use the technology for the interface and the waterproof feature and try to integrate this phone into an Android based table. This phone come in gold and black. But it is unsure if this phone will be available in U.S Market, either.

fujitsu tablet

Fujitsu Tablet pc

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