VOLUNIA CRITICIZED. MARCHIORI RESPONDS - The Italian search engine Volunia has been harshly criticized by industry experts in many respects: social component, poor performance and graphic simplicity. Marchiori says.

A few days ago we reported the news on the launch of the first Italian search engine,Volunia, designed by Massimo Marchiori in collaboration with the University of Pisa.Leveraging its decades of experience in search engine, the engineer has “designed” a social search engine and therefore able to give information to users, through the results, but also able to concentrate the internet with hobbies and interests on the same search results.


Next to each result will have a button that will turn red if they will be consulting other users the same content. In this case, Internet users can make friends by using a box office, which will allow them to exchange ideas, recommendations and opinions on a specific topic. So that’s how a search engine can become a social network. Despite initial enthusiasm, however, many have criticized the vision of Marchiori, pointing especially to the correlation between research and social.VOLUNIA CRITICIZED. MARCHIORI RESPONDS

The Italian engineer’s idea could be functional and successful, but he assures us that in future the social component can not become overwhelming? These criticisms have decided to respond Marchiori which emphasizes that “the social function implies that the surfer loses his anonymity, pointing to other users of its research and its presence in certain spaces Volunia Web, then, may disclose to Internet users in real-time users connected to a site, where you will be able to ask friends for a common interest. “

Volunia is still in its infancy, and will require an additional months of development workbefore it can display a page full of search results. To those, however, criticized the graphic on the homepage of the search engine, Marchiori says that the goal of Volunia is to offer something different from existing search engines.

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