The hybrid storage solutions (SSD + HDD) are considered by some companies efficient and economic. It is possible that in future manufacturers ultrabook choose a dual system of data storage for their ultrabook.

As we reported several times now, the companies are in trouble ultrabook: must be able to make the notebook thinner, lighter, sleeker and more efficient, since almost instantaneous (between 8 and 45 seconds) without exceeding the price of 1000 dollars / euros set by Intel, to the category of ultrabook. A few days after the official presentation, the first ultrabook are already on the market with higher costs than expected, at least for the top models (Core i7 and SSD). As for the cheaper version, they will be on the market in the coming months / weeks

One of the essential characteristics of ultrabook is their responsiveness and the ability to boot in seconds. The new Acer Aspire S3 will be on sale at starting price of 799 euros with a hybrid solution (SSD + HDD). The idea is simple: to entrust the storage of data and large files to atraditional hard drive with good capacity and, this, add a flash memory drive installed on the motherboard to speed reading files more often called by the system.ULTRABOOK SSD + HARD DRIVE TO CUT COSTS

The hybrid technology will be managed by SRT (Smart Response Technology) that allows Intelto “regular” 20 to 64GB of flash memory as an HDD in a single storage system. And ‘no doubt an economic tool to improve the responsiveness of these minced and in particular the Acer Aspire S3 which has 20GB of flash memory plus a 320GB HDD. Making an assessment of costs, storage weighs on the final price of a ultrabook about 10-15% of gross final cost and a hybrid HDD could reduce that margin.

The main producers of ultrabook have enthusiastically embraced this opportunity, promising to implement short-models on the market. Quinid expect the first road test to see if only the price of ultrabook will lower the startup time of the system (Intel comes to performance comparable to the Intel X25-M SSDs).

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