Tablet PC wars are far from over

It is so obvious that the war will far from end for tablet computers. In 2011 consumers will be bombarded with new release of table computers. Every consumer electronic manufacturer has seen the success Apple has had with the iPad and wants the share of the market. Up until the holiday quarter, Apple sold more than 7 million iPads alone.

Android is the most popular platform for these next-generation tablets. It is popular because Google offer the OS for free to vendors to integrate, it makes sense to use it as the base foundation rather than building own operating system from scratch.

There are a lot of android tablets computer will release soon, but one that catch in the eye is the Motorola Xoom. This tablet is a 10-inch Android 3.0 with a battery capable to playback video up do 10 hours. Motorola Xoom also has a built in camera and 32 gigabyte onboard storage for storing application, your data, music and video. The Xoom will has two version, first WiFi only version and the second 3G-enable through Verizon version. This product will be launched sometime later this spring.

BlackBerry also don’t want to be left behind in this tablet computers wars. They will get into with their upcoming Playbook. The Playbook is an entirely new experience for RIM that looks nothing like any other BlackBerry’s product before. It’s powered by and operating system called QNX that RIM bought last spring.  This Playbook from BlackBerry is 7-inch WiFi-only tablet. It’s also has a built in 5 megapixel camera and support for almost every application in BlackBerry.tablet pc

HP/Palm is designing and working on several tablets powered by the WebOS operationg system. This operating system also powered Palm Pre or Pixi. This company plans to reveal their product and offers to market at a Feb. 9 in San Francisco. It seem that Palm will have both 7-inch and 9-inch variation of their tablet  pc.

There is a problem for both BlackBerry’s and Palm’s  tablet computer. The problem is their lack of applications. Both their smartphone App stores are lacking when compared to iOS and Android. No matter how great is is, without application supporting it, it will not find success in this new era.

Where’s Microsoft in this new tablet wars? They are also going tablets, but they are planning to make it run in their Window 7. Apparently running the full version of Windows on a tablet pc worked so well for them in the early 2000s and they want to go to that path again.

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