SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTES 10.1 WITH S-PEN AT MWC 2012? - At the next MWC 2012, most likely, will present a brand new Samsung Galaxy Notes 10.1, with just a 10.1-inch display and support for stylus-D-Pen.

The imminent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona could be an issue full of interesting news.Among those assumed a major might be with the debut of a new tablet, Samsung Galaxy Notes 10.1, as the hybrid tablet / smartphone from 5.3 inches and then, but with a display diagonal of 10.1 inches, which configurerebbe as a tablet pure. The indication, not confemata from official sources, was made ??by some users, who have noticed the name “Galaxy Notes 10.1″ on the invitations that the Korean company Samsung has released to attend the Developer Day,an event that will take place on the fair and will cover the presentation of smartphones Wave 3 and Wave Y, both based on proprietary operating system Bada.

At present we do not know much more of this tablet, but the site The Verge contains the text of an advertisement published by Samsung for a teen actor, no longer visible but apparently present in the cache of Google . The actor was supposed to play the part of a student who takes his Galaxy 10.1 for Notes record, shoot, edit and much more. The announcement also specified that the tablet can be used for the study or other educational purposes, but also to use more creative or artistic, or otherwise for use in a professional environment such as financial planning.SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTES 10.1 WITH S-PEN AT MWC 2012?

However, everything seems to revolve around the use of D-Pen and the possibility for developers to imagine other types of employment, which extend the capabilities far beyond its usefulness, perhaps most obvious, that a pen can have on a smartphone or otherwise on a device like the Galaxy Original Notes, making it rather useful, sensible and productive even with diagonals greater. Puntanti eyes, then, of MWC 2012 will take place at the end of February in Barcelona.


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