Qualcomm has announced new processors with 8 family of the future based on new core Snapdragon S4 Krait. The company, therefore, is expanding its lineup in an attempt to cover all pervasive market niches, from smartphones to tablets.

We know right now Qualcomm Krait , the architecture that will replace in the future ScorpionSnapdragon SoC. The processor will be made ??with the new 28 nm manufacturing process, can have a maximum of 4 cores, which in the first version is likely to reach up to 1.5 GHz in the future but also the 2.5 GHz and an interesting solution that will power gating with individual cores can execute instructions independently of each other with a frequency dynamically adjusted from time to time depending on the workload of each instant.QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON SOC 8 NEW S4 FOR SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS

This system should provide, according to Qualcomm , two times lower power consumptioncompared to a generic “Mobile Competitor”, it is assumed ARM with a solution of equivalent power, even if Qualcomm did not specify to whom to refer. The integrated graphics subsystem will be new and initially will be the Adreno 225 GPU which will support DirectX 9.3 and OpenGL ES 1.1 API and 2.0, with a jump of about 50% performance compared to the previous Adreno 220.


We also know that convenience in commercial Qualcomm has decided to collect all the different models in only four families , identified by the letter S, which stands for System, and a progressive number from 1 to 4. The S1 is addressed to the entry-level smartphone, smartphones and tablets in the S2 high-performance, the device with the S3 featuresadvanced multitasking or dedicated to gaming, and finally S4, directed instead to the next-generation devices. So far, in the latter class were collected five SoC: MSM 8270, 8930, 8960 and APQ8064, where MSM indicates the integration of a chip broadband (3G, 4G LTE eo), and FPA indicates the lack of this chip.


Qualcomm, in a press release, has a wealth of well presented 8 new SoC, all members of the group Snapdragon S4, with the intent to cover the entire extent of the market, the most economical solutions to the most advanced. So now the whole family is made ??up of S4 with 13 models. The first to arrive on the market will be the MSM8960, a dual core processor with 1.5 GHz clock rate coupled with a GPU Adreno 225.

The SoC will have support for dual-channel RAM LPDDR2 frequency of 500 MHz and as mentioned include on-die chip connections 3G/4G/LTE. The two new SoC MSM8660A 8260A and should instead be substantially equal all’8960, but should not include the LTE module.MSM8930 are down, but always dual core clocked at 1.2 GHz and with support LPDDR2 to a single channel. In return, however, will have a new and more powerful GPU, Adreno 305.

Two roughly equivalent in the SoC specification, but that does not have the LTE module are the MSM8630 and 8230. MSM8627 and MSM8227 Finally, the models will be even more economical, and will be clocked at 1 GHz memory LPDDR2 single channel, with Adreno 305 GPU, but limited the ability to handle video up to 720p. The 8030A then APQ8060A and are the counterparts of the MSM8960 and 8930 respectively, but totally devoid of any form of connection.

The competition in this area is so ardently and see if this latest move by Qualcomm will be sufficient to sustain the competition with Nvidia Tegra SoC 3 and others of which we have already discussed in a previous comparative.

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