PLAYSTATION LIFE PREMIERE IN MILAN - At the Italian launch of Playstation Life, tonight on Vodafone Store in San Babila opens its doors for a preview of the sale of portable game consoles Sony signed.

The output on the market for PlayStation Life, scheduled for Wednesday, February 22, is imminent. PlayStation and Vodafone intend to celebrate this important destination along with all those who have waited months for the new console from Sony Computer Entertainment.The date to mark on your calendar is Tuesday, February 21, the day the Vodafone store in Piazza San Babila in Milan, will remain unusually open from 22:00 to 00:00 h. An environment that combines comfort and innovation, available to all fans who want to be the first to bring home the new PlayStation jewel, in advance of the official sale in Italian stores.

A special surprise will be restricted to a limited number of users ready to buy first PS Life.Since the launch of Vodafone , operator partners PlayStation, PS offers an exclusive formula3G/Wi-Fi Life subscription, available at all Vodafone shops 19 euros per month, with free internet access (1 GB per month with no time limit up to 1.8 Mbps, then unlimited free browsing at 64kbps).

For those who chose the rechargeable version is available a Vodafone SIM with 5 euros of traffic pre-loaded inside each pack of PS 3G/Wi-Fi Life. Activating it at any Vodafone store, you can navigate to the cost of 1 Euro per day, charged only in case of an actual connection, and a monthly fee of 5 euros (the first month is free). For all the fans buying the console in its 3G/Wi-Fi by subscription or by enabling the Vodafone SIM card inside each pack and recharging at least 15 euros, you will receive an additional gift: the ability to download WipEout 2048 .PLAYSTATION LIFE PREMIERE IN MILAN

Now we have to spread the word and have the opportunity to have, first of all, PlayStation Life.

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