NOKIA LUMIA COFFEE, TABLET CONCEPT WITH WINDOWS 8 - After the success of Nokia smartphones Lumia, a designer had fun imagining the future of Finnish tablet. Nokia Lumia “Coffee” is a concept of tablet-based Windows 8, but maybe something more.

It ‘s time that we speak of the possibility that Nokia releases a tablet on the market equipped with the operating system Windows 8. The company has never denied this desire, and indeed in recent interviews Elop emphasized that the Finnish company is considering developing a similar product (Nokia is Champagne). Pending an official announcement, a designer (although reader MyNokiaBlog , Tristan) had fun imagining the future tablet Nokia Lumia Coffee.

Were then assumed the likely specifications although, I repeat, this is not anything official.Nokia Lumia Coffee, characterized by a design that draws heavily on that used in smartphones the same line, would integrate a processor from 1.4 GHz frequency coupled to a memory of 512 MB ??(probably short for a device of this type) and a variable storage between 16 and 64 GB depending on model chosen.NOKIA LUMIA COFFEE, TABLET CONCEPT WITH WINDOWS 8

The data sheet provides a display type AMOLED ClearBlack by 9.7 inches and 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution, the frame of which would have placed a 2 megapixel front camera, rear with 8 megapixel multimedia constitute the baggage of the tablet. As for networking, this is called a module for wireless WiFi and, possibly, for the support for 3G networks. The design envisioned by Tristan appears very convincing. Elegant and refined, brings with it ‘all the charm of gloss.


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