In the business plans of the Taiwanese giant is launching, during 2012, a new Android tablet. Should be able to stand out from the solutions currently on the market. But how?

HTC has already bet in the area of ??the tablet, with some success. Its lineup includes 7-inch model, HTC Flyer , and the 10-inch, HTC Jetstream , which proved interesting device indeed.The Taiwanese giant, from a more extended, plans to launch during the first months of 2012,a new tablet based on Google’s Android operating system, probably in the Android 4.0 releaseIce Cream Sandwich.


Of this device does not have precise information but the news comes straight from Peter Chou, HTC CEO. The idea is to create a product that, for design and technology, to stand out from the multitude of tablets to be launched in 2012 by major international companies. And ‘truth to the hypothesis that the new digital license plate HTC tablet, will continue to integrate the well-known and appreciated interface Sense, perhaps evolved to adapt to the potential of Android 4.0.NEW HTC TABLET IN 2012 WITH TEGRA 3 AND ANDROID ICS

At present, you can not mention any specific technical or even suggest a probable launch price. It is expected the next few months to find out more about projects that HTC has to continue to ride in the Serbian sector of the precious tablet. You must consider that, in January, is scheduled appointment with the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, followed by the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ??excellent opportunities to introduce new products.

As mentioned in the beginning, the new HTC Android tablet should be signed framed in broader perspective. The producer is planning to propose, during 2012, a number of devices that link all excellence. A glimpse is given by HTC Edge with Tegra SoC 3, which will be launched in early 2012. As stated by Chou, customers are willing to pay for high quality but the area is invaded by aggressive competitors and know-how not to be underestimated. Chou also pointed out the same as HTC is engaged in several legal battles against Apple, despite what the Taiwanese company can grow and become increasingly competitive.

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