KODAK CAMERAS TO SURRENDER BUT NOT TO THE FILMS - On the brink of bankruptcy, Kodak announced last Thursday that gradually abandon its activities related to digital photography, focusing on the field of film and still active on the management of its patents.

Kodak, which last January announced the bankruptcy, has publicly announced his gradual abandonment of the photography market. Cease, during the first half of 2012, the production of cameras, digital cameras and frames, to better focus on the enhancement of those areas that are still active. The American company, however, could not completely leave the photography market, as it underlines the intention of marketing its products through other manufacturers.KODAK CAMERAS TO SURRENDER BUT NOT TO THE FILMS


In a press release, Kodak claims to have already warned its distributors and promises that, despite the failure, the after-sales service and technical support will always be accessible by customers of its cameras. On the consumer market, Kodak will focus on its activities and printing services, office and photography. Will also present on the market accessories for pictures, which are not specifically related to its devices. Will also maintain its traditional activities of the silver film and photo paper.

For some time, Kodak’s strategy is to maximize its profit margins in the photography industry by reducing its Gamm products, distribution and geographic coverage. This latest announcement, therefore, falls within this context. Kodak also adds that he has obtained a credit of $ 950 million over 18 months at Citigroup, which will allow the company to implement a restructuring necessary. Will they make it?

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