ICADE THINKGEEK 8-BITTY NOSTALGIC GAME CONTROLLER - When you want to dive into the past, why not use a controller suitable for older video games? Icade with 8-bitty all this is possible.

A blast from the past? Why not? On the other hand there is a large group of fans of the older games, past games in history and never forgotten. The field of ”retro-gaming” is so lively that ThinkGeek has recently introduced another new family Icade. This is Icade 8-bitty, a nickname which is particularly nice, in fact, a real controller-based wireless technology Bluetooth.

Through 8-bitty, you can connect to an iPhone or iPad, and play safely in their favorite titles.The controller has six buttons and a multidirectional pad dedicated to the movement, but despite this, it is characterized by compact dimensions that allow it to be easily stored after use, even in your pocket to be brought always with you ‘. Aesthetics is essential and deliberately recalls the glories of years past. As we suggested ArsTechnica , one would think that 8-Bitty is conceptually halfway between a controller for the NES and the SNES.

8-bitty Icade supports not only the titles but also all those that can be run through the famous MAME emulator, available for both iPhone OS (iMAMW4All) for Android platform (MAME4Droid).For those not familiar, Icade, which stands for iPad Arcade Cabinet, is a structure that mimics the old arcade cabinet can accommodate your iPad with which enjoy a myriad of games (such as Pac Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong , Dig Dug and Berte-Q) with a joystick that recreates the emotions of the arcades of the time.ICADE THINKGEEK 8-BITTY NOSTALGIC GAME CONTROLLER

Icade ThinkGeek 8-bitty, compatible with all games in the series Icade, operates on two AAA batteries (there is an energy-saving technology) and is priced at $ 24.99, equivalent to about 19 ??euros at current exchange rates. The availability has not yet been confirmed but you can subscribe to the newsletter of the manufacturer to be promptly notified.


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