According to some rumors, it would have been spotted in Google Labs prototype of glassesthat can display information and other data in the manner of so-called augmented reality or augmented reality, much like the idea of Apple . Initially there was talk of a normal pair of glasses whose lenses were made ??from small LCD or AMOLED, thanks to an internet connection, would be able to view additional information and related to the surrounding reality that we’re watching, according to more than it is now spreading to many of the latest generation of smartphones.HUD GOOGLE ANDROID TO WEAR GLASSES


Now the site has provided guidance 9to5google partially different. Reportedly because the glasses were actually very similar in appearance to another product already on the market back in 2004, the Oakley Thump MP3, however, as the name implies, supplemented in them only an audio file player and its headphones . Unlike what was hypothesized also glasses would look much less innovative than the imaginary current.

The display is only one fact and then placed on only one eye and not necessarily transparent design so that IBM would remember quite a few prototypes of a decade ago. HUD, which stands for Heads Up Display, a Mountain View would also be equipped a small camera to collect information from outside, 8GB of flash memory and a hardware equipment similar to that of an older generation Android smartphone, roughly 2010, with 1GHz processor and256MB RAM.

The glasses should then be able not only to provide data related to functions of augmented reality, but also much more easily capture pictures and maybe even video. The control software would have the ability to detect and recognize the movements of the head and they would be used to control the interface, in a manner apparently quite simple and functional.

At the moment however there is no indication that they would think of something more than an experimental prototype, but the fact that Google is working there now for some time could be assumed that, maybe in a few years, devices like this, obviously much more advanced, could actually reach the market, revolutionizing the way to interface not only the technology but also to reality.

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