Google Maps for Android gets updated, adding the visualization of interior spaces, or rather the indoor geolocation. Airports and shopping malls Americans and Japanese can now be visited at home.

After “mapped” countries, cities, neighborhoods and streets of the world, Google is planning to increase its database by storing the images inside public buildings. For this first test, the company has chosen to integrate the new information directly into Google Maps for Android OS.GOOGLE MAPS FOR ANDROID INDOOR GEOLOCATION


On its official blog, the California-based company said: “Detailed images of the plans of a public facility zooming automatically appear on the building in question, with indoor geolocation.”Initially, Google has decided to publish the internal images of the airports (Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Narita) and some shopping malls (IKEA, Home Depot, Bloomingdale’s, Mitsukoshi) in the United States and Japan.

In fact, it is not the first time you try a similar experiment. In the month of March, Navteq(acquired by Nokia in October 2007) announced the launch of a similar service in the U.S., Destination Maps, which already proposed maps of 200 shopping centers in the United States.

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