The new 10.1-inch Android tablet will be the first signed Fujitsu tablet running Google to enter the business sector, thanks to its technical specifications and software components. Let’s see why.

Fujitsu was one of the first companies to bet on the tablet PC, or rather the “old” Tablet PC notebook convertible. The Japanese company continues to invest and innovate in this segment, and to help professionals enhance their workplace. Fujitsu, for one, has introduced a tablet display for indoor / outdoor (Fujitsu Lifebook ST4011), the first convertible notebook with a two-way hinges, the world’s lightest notebook convert to (Fujitsu Lifebook P1620) and still have a long list of devices that continue to grow again this year.


After launching Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 , a tablet with Intel Oak Trail (Atom Z670) and OS Windows 7, the Japanese company is launching in the development of another innovative tablet that fits every need. It is a Fujitsu Arrows Tab Android-based model 10.1-inch, already launched on the Japanese market , and “under observation” in EMEA. We do not exclude the fact that new device arrives in the next few weeks in Europe (and Italy), with a new trade name. Meanwhile, here is a demo realized the Fujitsu Forum, taking place in these days.FUJITSU 10-INCH WATERPROOF TABLET ANDROID


Fujitsu has demonstrated that even an Android tablet may be suitable for working life. The Android tablet, compared to Windows-based competitors, whose only sin a low security system that can be upgraded with software integration and application specific. To delete, for example, the threat of unauthorized access to their networks and the consequent loss of sensitive data, just install a security software designed for Android devices that can synchronize the device with the Microsoft Exchange server, encrypting data and personal passwords. This implies that even professionals can connect to their corporate email, calendar, contacts and appointments, at no risk.


The tablet can be used with Android Fujistu as a front-end for the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and then enable secure access to a virtual machine with all the personal data on a server company. This ensures that the Android tablet can be easily integrated in abusiness environment. Although the data are stored in the data center, you will interface with a complete desktop environment and family. But security is not just software.

The Arrows Fujitsu Tablet Tab can be used underwater to a depth of 1 meter, making it the ideal companion for workers who work with liquindi or outdoors. The sleek, lightweight device (only 597 grams) can be used on construction sites, in the public sector, telecommunications, agriculture and logistics. And ‘the perfect solution for every situation.

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