BlackBerry Black Forest is the codename of a new tablet RIM expected for next year.Will screen 10-inch diagonal and a sharp new design.

The adventure begins in the tablet market from RIM with its BlackBerry Playbook was promisingin the U.S. public interest was high despite some doubts about the choice of OS QNX and some negative review. Then suddenly the Playbook sales fell and is currently one of the tablet that can be easily found for sale at bargain prices .

BlackBerry smartphones have also suffered a decline, forcing RIM to revise downward their forecasts for 2012 with the consequent depreciation of share prices. Despite some shade, however, RIM remains a fully-fledged players in the field of mobile and in 2012 will introduce a whole range of completely new products.BLACKBERRY 10-INCH TABLET IN 2012


Among these is the BlackBerry smartphone London (formerly known by the codename “colt”) which, with its edgy look anticipates the aesthetics of the new family Blackberry (image courtesy of TheVerge ). The same design seems, in fact, it can also adopt the BlackBerry Black Forest, in the rumor published by crackberry is referred to as a 10-inch tablet.

There are rumors of a 10-inch Blackberry Playbook for over six months, but until now it was past the idea that this could be an expanded version of the model and not a 7-inch tablet completely redesigned. Instead forget Playbook Black Forest and imagine London as a giant!

Along with the tablet Black Forest in 2012 will also come new smartphone BBX: Blackberry Milan, a GSM variant of the London, and BlackBerry Nevada, a terminal with full-QWERTY keyboard like the BlackBerry Bold 9900.

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