ASUS O! PLAY TV PRO, HD MEDIA PLAYERS PARLOR - With the new O! Play TV Pro, Asus revolutionizes the concept of TV opening the door for total digital experience, vastly simplifying the use and distribution of content.

Asus O! Play TV Pro turns the television into a SMART TV allowing it to play and record digital TV programs, exclusive access to web content (including Facebook and Youtube) and viewing multimedia files (more than 50 formats supported, including 3D). The exclusive technology of O! Easy adds specific functions accessible by pressing a button on the remote control for streaming, sharing and file playback, and offers direct access to many online entertainment content and services. All thanks to a single device, which is characterized by an extremely simple and intuitive use.

O! Play TV Pro incorporates a digital tuner DVB-T, which allows instant access to a digital television programming in HD. It’s easy to plan at will their visions through the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which provides the full weekly schedule. Furthermore, the content can be recorded on a 3.5-inch internal hard drive (SATA III 6GB / s up to 3TB of data) with thePersonal Video Recorder (PVR). Asus has also integrated into the device the TimeShift function, which allows you to pause and resume viewing at a later time without losing a single minute of your favorite program.

To avoid problems of compatibility in the municipalities media player, ASUS O! Play TV Pro supports 50 of the main multimedia standards (including ISO, MKV, RM / RMBV, MVA, AVI, MPEG1/2/4, and MP4) for a ‘ Experience truly without borders. With the addition of 3D support, the set top box uses the H.264 encoding MV (TS, M2TS, and BD-ISO), extending its compatibility with most common 3D formats on the market.


Play, watch and share HD content has never been easier thanks to technology O! Easy, linking O! Play TV Pro to other devices and home networks in a completely intuitive. The suite includes many features one-click:ASUS O! PLAY TV PRO, HD MEDIA PLAYERS PARLOR

  • O! Capture: allows sharing of content and TV on Facebook or YouTube with the click of a button “Like” on the remote control;
  • O! Replay: allows you to review the last 7 seconds of a broadcast program;
  • O! Direct: offers streaming content from your PC (desktop or notebook) to the TV;
  • O! MediaShare: provides wireless streaming of content from smartphone or tablet devices to your TV;
  • AutoPlay: allows you to instantly watch videos and photos stored on USB drive or SD / MMC / MS / xD without the need for additional settings or installations.

O! Play TV Pro offers users a complete, constantly connected with Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi N to a vast amount of content and services online. The device maximizes the availability of broadband, so as to reduce delays and blockages in the case of free streaming and download. Acetrax, Facebook, YouTube Leanback, DailyMotion, Flickr and Picasa are already preconfigured for instant access. Finally, ASUS offers the possibility of regular software updates online as well, to keep improving the wealth of web content available.

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