ANGRY BIRDS SPACE FLY IN SPACE - Angry Birds Space, the next installment in the wildly popular video games for mobile platforms, will bring the birds into space angry. Rovio Launches First teaser video.

Angry Birds is one of the easiest games ever made, but it quickly became a phenomenon.Currently, the application of Rovio is one of the most popular , the most downloaded on the web but especially the most appreciated. Angry Birds began to be known on IOS, but over the months, his success has prompted the company to expand the presence of video games on other platforms as possible (Android, Mac, Smart TV and more recently, Facebook ), with important gains cheap.ANGRY BIRDS SPACE FLY IN SPACE


Angry Birds is a puzzle game, and perhaps this is the key to its success. The main purpose of the game is to launch of the birds of various types of pigs against green positioned within various structures, with the aim to destroy them. For these pigs, originally, being short of food and forced to eat grass, have stolen the eggs of birds for food, and then the birds perform this act of vengeance to reclaim their offspring that was subtracted.

The settings used for each series in turn divided into several levels, are different. It passes from the desert to Halloween, Easter to Christmas to finish the last chapter Angry Birds Rio, the beach at the carnival and the jungle. Today, Rovio has announced the name of the next “episode” of his video games. Angry Birds Space, as may be imaged, angry birds will bring the space, but currently have no other information. We can only imagine what the next levels, Angry Birds will be measured with the force of gravity. The game will be released March 22 on mobile platforms (but do not specify which).

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