ANGRY BIRDS INVADES FACEBOOK - Angry Birds will catapult the most popular social network, Facebook. For some time, Facebook users can also enjoy the adventures of the colorful birds of Rovio.

Angry Birds is one of the most popular applications in the world. Created in 2009, the birds are colorful and irascible of video games have quickly conquered almost all mobile devices. Why so successful? The application combines both strategy, entertainment and challenge (addictive), a cocktail to allow effective Rovio to conquer other markets. iPhone, Android, tablet, smartphone, PC: Angry Birds was gradually installed on any electronic device.


In 2011, the creation Finland had 700 million downloads, and, late last year, Rovio had expressed the intention to bring the application on Facebook. It ‘was not until a few months, but Angry Birds is now available on social networks. Rovio has thus pointed to a good market because Facebook now has 845 million users. What are the objectives of Finnish? Rovio hopes to be present on all available platforms, and thus reach a billion downloads.ANGRY BIRDS INVADES FACEBOOK

The Facebook page dedicated to Angry Birds like currently 15,570,000 fans, a good start for Rovio and the achievement of its purpose. Facebook is not the only “having suffered” this invasion, but Google + and Playstation 3 have already made ??available the version on Angry Birds. As regards the application, Rovio has not introduced anything new compared to the versions for Android and iPhone. The game remains unchanged: the player must throw the birds of the pigs, trapped in the structures of wood, stone and ice. Do not wait to play .. run the application is available here.

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