Just two weeks after the release of source code for the latest version of the Google Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, the staff of the android x86 Project has released a version optimized for Intel and AMD processors tablet x86.Need more hard work, but the start is encouraging.

In theory the OS Mountain View, Google Android, is compatible with both RISC and x86 architectures. As though to date the market of smartphones and tablet is dominated exclusively by processors belonging to the first type, Google has never released the source code optimized for the other platform. We also know that both Intel and AMD, namely the two giants of the world x86, they are going to get very profitable in the short segment of ultra-mobile devices and this will require the development of OS versions that are compatible.

In fact, Google has said repeatedly that they are working with Intel to develop a version of Android optimized for the Atom CPU, but at this stage was never released anything. But Google Android is an open source project, like Linux, so when Google completes the development of a new stable version will release the source code to the community, which is free to develop it and expand it. So today came the news that just two weeks after theofficial release of Android 4.0 code Ice Cream Sandwich , the latest version of the OS, Android x86 Project staff has just released a version optimized for x86 processors. It is interesting to a goal, not only for the speed with which it was obtained, but above all because in fact the source code released by Google is only optimized for ARM processors.ANDROID 4.0 ICS FOR X86 PROCESSORS


Of course, the firmware is at an embryonic stage of development and things like audio, Ethernet LAN and the camera still does not go, but the x86 Android Project has managed to run WiFi, touch screen and also offer support to ‘hardware acceleration with OpenGL API for devices with graphics processors from AMD. And this brings an interesting chapter, because while Google is officially working with Intel on this road, even the x86 Android Project is doing the same for some years, but optimizing its platform for AMD based devices.

Support from the company’s Sunnyvale, however, the initiative is not official, but Chih-Wei Huang, a staff member x86 Android Project, said they were very helpful and provide help through donation of devices and platforms and technical assistance. This first release so it’sjust been released for AMD Brazos, such as tablet MSI WindPad 110W ol ‘ ACER Iconia Tab W500.

What then AMD is choosing the support from the community rather than the official one, since Google seems more interested in cooperating with Intel? Only time will we reveal more about the complex strategies in place in this rich market segment, that in the coming years will increasingly arena of competition for many companies, but also software house chipmaker, saw that 2012 was also the year in which Microsoft Windows 8, for the first time also compatible with ARM architecture, will arrive on the market.

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