9-INCH KINDLE FIRE IS COMING - It’s still speculation but it seems unlikely the hypothesis that Amazon would be planning to launch a 9-inch version of the Kindle Fire in mid-2012.

The success recorded by Amazon Kindle Fire could have led to the marketing plan by mid-2012 to 9-inch version. The rumors , however, unconfirmed by the company, coming from Chad Bartley of Pacific Crest and seem quite plausible. The same Bartley has also assumed an increase in sales from 12 million to 14.9 million in 2012 just before the exit of the new 9-inch model. The latter are not known, of course, the specifications and it is unclear whetherit could be a basic model or a real top model designed to challenge industry leaders.

If Amazon decides to create and articulate a Kindle Fire “plus”, then the sale price could be around $ 250. Releasing another version of its popular tablet, the giant could seriously challenge the supremacy of Apple in the field. The arrival of the ‘ iPad 3 will undoubtedly be a time of particularly strong compared to which companies certainly do not intend to arrive prepared.http://www.adsense-id.com/forums/showthread.php/114779-WTS-Kaos-menawan-ala-adsense-id/page3

There is also talk of a new version of the current 7-inch that could see the light before the end of the year. Also in this case it is not confirmed rumors but it is evident as Amazon is engaged in a relevant way in the industry and is, in some ways, marking time.


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