August, 2011

Sony unveils new Handycam NEX-VG20E

Sony has announced the arrival of the new camcorder Handycam NEX-VG20Eintended to expand the wide range of devices for recording HD movies from the month of November. The model -VG20E NEX has a resolution of 16.1 megapixels and thanks to the sensor Exmor CMOS APS HD allows for a superior image quality standards, limiting the noise even in low light conditions. The camera will [...]

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Windows phone Mango supports WiFi

In a few days Microsoft will officially launch Windows Phone 7.5 , the major release of the mobile operating system that will enter the market for Nokia . In the meantime, continue to be discovered features that the Redmond company has not publicly announced. One of the latest is the ability to share the Internet connection . In the 7720.68 release is the voice of the [...]

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Nikon Coolpix AW100, S100, S1200pj, P7100, S6200, S8200, S4150 e S6150

There are eight models of cameras that Nikon has unveiled today, designed to make their entrance in the line Coolpix during the fall. AW100, S100, S1200pj, P7100, S6200, S8200, S4150 and S6150, the names of these devices, which have different specifications and capabilities together to meet the different needs. Nikon Coolpix AW100 was designed and built specifically for outdoor use, even with the [...]

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Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Notes and Wave 3 at IFA

First information on the news that Samsung plans to present officially at IFA event scheduled next week in Berlin. These three devices: Galaxy Tab 7.7 ,Samsung Wave 3 and finally Samsung Galaxy Notes . More confirmation that this is an involuntary leakage of rumors, as the news comes from an image inserted into the application by the manufacturerUnpacked dedicated to the German festival. Little information is [...]

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RIM launches BBM Music in the cloud

By distributing a press release, Research In Motion has officially launched the new service BBM Music , which allows you to listen and share music, leaning on a cloud platform . On to the time in the United States and Canada, BBM Music will come soon in Italy. The aim is to involve the BlackBerry user to create a real community can [...]

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The concept of the iPhone 5 on the Net

It is a concept and, in all probability, does not follow the real functions of the impending iPhone 5 , but got a resounding success on social networks. This is a work of realistic 3D animation produced by Studio Aatma , who wanted to speculate on video what are the features the iPhone of the future. Development compound now known indiscretions, such as [...]

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Nexus Prime manufactured by Samsung

Samsung is the protagonist of the universe Android in recent weeks. The legal battle against Apple to block the marketing of devices, the introduction of new products expected at IFA in Berlin and now a ‘ indiscretion on one of the most anticipated smartphones of the next period: the Nexus Prime . Despite the recent acquisition of Motorola’s Mobility by biggie, it seems that the Mountain View [...]

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Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 coming soon

Nokia has introduced its new line of phones dual-sim dedicated to emerging markets, in particular concentrated in areas of Africa and Asia, the Middle East.The models Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 will in fact cost the respective 20 and 25 euros, presenting works very rudimentary compared to the latest generation of smartphones, but still perfect for those areas where the purchase [...]

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Samsung Galaxy R with Android 2.3 and NVIDIA Tegra 2

In late July, had spoken of the next onset of a new branded smartphoneSamsung , identified as R Galaxy and designed to offer users a cheaper alternative of the Galaxy S II , however, with good functionality. Today the South Korean giant, in partnership with NVIDIA , it formalizes the market, releasing a press release containing all the technical specifications of the phone. Samsung Galaxy [...]

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MoTweets for WP7 a Glimpse

One of Twitter client that runs on WP7 is moTweets develop by Panoramic. Before WP7, moTweets are familiar with user of Windows Mobile, now the user of WP7 can also enjoy the apps. With 2 free version, user can download and use it without charge you just have to get use to the ads shows. [...]

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