July, 2011

Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Review

Anti Theft 3.0 There is no doubt that in recent months, is witnessing a rapid spread of new Sandy Bridge processors developed by Intel.These integrated solutions that combine a graphics subsystem with Intel HDcompatible 3000 DirectX10.1 libraries. ThinkPad T420 Lenovo has recently been updated with these processors and right alongside the other two products from the new laptops, namely the T520 and T420swith which it [...]

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Review HP Pavilion dv6-6005sl Review

Price attractive Hewlett-Packard has always been a leader in the worldwide market for laptops and not only continues to add new configurations in the now famous series Pavilion dv6. Dv6-6005sl HP Pavilion notebook is thecheapest of the range. The product retains the design, size and other physical characteristics of its bigger brothers, but is offered with a hardware-balanced, medium-low-end, different from [...]

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Sony Vaio VPCCA1S1E / G Review

A first look The Sony VAIO C range includes several customizable templates to suit your needs, but the notebook under review here is theVPCCA1S1E / G, arrived on our test bench in a fabulous bright green color, which makes it absolutely fascinating and unique. The construction is of high standard, with the use of plastic materials, but well [...]

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Motorola Xoom Review

Operating System and Processor Motorola Xoom is undoubtedly one of the most interesting of the tablet now.Honeycomb uses release 3.1 of theAndroid OS from Google that, remember, is a version optimized for the tablet, which means that any operation or functionality can be reached or performed in a simple and intuitive. In addition, the interface of the Motorola multifinger Xoom makes managing application rather [...]

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Asus Eee PC 1215B Review

Overview Asus Eee PC 1215B, despite belonging to the family of 12-inch netbook from Asus 1215 and, therefore, has a structure very similar to that of a beginning of last year, is distinguished by the use of the Fusion platform known AMD takes the place of the most renowned solutions from Intel. Specifically, the netbook is equipped with a trial APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) AMD [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

Samsung, following the success of theGalaxy Tab , tries again with a hypothetical upgrades, launching on the tablet market hard to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500equipped with capacitive LCD 10.1-inchwell and a resolution of 1280×800 pixels.Overall, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks much thinner, with only 8.6 mm thick, and more elegant than the “Tab 1″, albeit heavier, with its 565 grams. weight, and material [...]

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On arrival, a slim 15-inch MacBook Pro?

  It is rather interesting that a rumor from an anonymous source revealed in the pages of MacRumors : Apple would be working to end the testing of a new model of ultra-thin 15-inch laptop with the intention to launch it on the market in the coming months . Doubts about the nature of the device and the possibility that [...]

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Intel server processors to 10 nanometers

While AMD has yet to announce the first of the FX series desktop processors and CPUs Opteron processors for servers and workstations that are based on 32 nanometer Bulldozer, rival Intel seems to have already planned the future of the CPU for the enterprise market until 2018. A slide appeared on network shows in fact the names of server architectures implemented in the next 7 years. First confirmed Tick-Tock strategy, [...]

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Samsung Chromebook 5 Review

Samsung Chromebook 5 is the first consumer notebook equipped with theChrome OS, the operating system, Web-based Google is designed for those who are always online and this is both an advantage and a limitation for this new platform, and immature. There are two productions of the Samsung Chromebook 5, the first only sold with Wi-Fi and immediately available exclusively on Pixmania [...]

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Olympus SZ-20 Review

Olympus SZ-20 is a compact camera with a vaguely retro style. The look does not address all of the cameras to film a few years ago, as now in fashion, but it looks like a cross between past and present, a model equally effective and attractive. The line curves provide personality and is good to know that the ‘Olympus SZ-20 is available with [...]

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