May, 2011

Wise Broadcast Message For BBM

Actually this is old tips that maybe some people are also already know that using the features of Broadcast Messages on the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) it must be careful in using it. Now that a lot of information obtained through the Broadcast Message, but the content of information or news is not necessarily true or it [...]


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My Rosario, Windows Phone Application

Through an application called My Rosary, users of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) coulduse their phone as a replacement necklace while praying the Rosary as Rasario. Initially apikasi is still very simple with the view that monotonous and there is no optionevent happy, sad, noble, or light that can be selected. However, entering the month ofMay 2011 tampanya developer update this application so that it has someimprovements and extra features. Now users can choose the event as needed. In addition, pearl rosary beads can bechanged according to taste, so do not get bored. The first launch this application, the user directly confronted with an animated sign of the cross on necklace rosary, prayer spliced ??I Believe. Display text appears directly in English. Simply slide the phone screen to the right, the note will change into the Our Father three Hail Mary’s connected as usual, and so on. This application is quite interesting. Especially [...]


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Windows 7 Base Tablet PC from Fujitsu

On the Consumers Electronic shows 2011, Fujitsu announced their tablet pc’s latest generation. It is not so difficult to imagine since this company has long been a player in highly mobile product, especially for corporate and vertical market. For Fujitsu’s, due in the United States in the first half of 2011, the company will launching [...]

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